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Fespachrist/Luke 04-05

Then Faith comes when we are exposed to the Word of Christ. We must therefore continually expose ourselves to this word in order to grow in our trust in God.
Through FespaChrist we offer you short commentaries on the words of Christ. It is always a great joy to have time with God. And the greatest way to afford this time is to meditate on the Word of God.

Jesus said: “Luke 4:12”

You will not tempt the Lord your God…

Here is a word of warning. A word that calls our attention, as regards our gaze on God. From the point of his abilities and his power available to his children. Tempted God consists in undertaking an action whose nature and finality are against the will of God. Tempted God is also taking the position of disobedience. Whenever he uses the voice of your conscience, to prevent you from doing something wrong.

Jesus said: “Luc4:21”

This word of the scriptures… is fulfilled…

Here is a word of Confirmation, all the Words spoken by God, bearing in it two dates and a journey. The date of its issue, and the date of its completion (Hab.2.3). We have to remain with the Lord. While he carries out his word. When we carry out a promise from God, to hear him say: “Today this word is fulfilled”. Remaining in intimacy with the God of promise. That is an effective way to keep the promise and to watch until it is fulfilled. Only in Christ is the amen of fulfillment (2Cor.1.20).

Jesus said: «Luke 4:23»

Doctor heal yourself…

Here is a word of unbelief. The Lord knows how to pay attention to our true motivation, to live the benefits of his power. And all his attention to him is focused on our CONFIDENCE in himself. The power of God is not shown as a response to a challenge against him. But rather as a response to a cry of love and trust addressed to him. For all that the Lord did, from the little healing to his death and resurrection. That was an expression of love in us. May our attitude be rather inspired by trust and love towards Jesus. Then doubt leads us to challenge him.

Jesus said, “Luke 4:24”

No prophet is well received in his country…

Here is the real word. The realism of the Lord. Are proceeded from his knowledge of the man whose thought (Luke 5:22) was constantly translated by acts of unbelief. And deep spiritual blindness.

It is not important in walking with the Lord, to play the strong, and the capable. Let’s be more realistic; the ace was the blind man who received clear vision after a second touch from the Lord. For at his first touch he had confusion, and he was not satisfied with this state, he showed realism which earned him a clear vision (Mk 8:22-26).

Jesus said: “Luke 4:25-27”

In Israel in the days of Eli…

Here is a word of testimony. The Lord did not exercise his ministry, putting in oblivion all those who preceded him. Three lessons are given to us by the Lord speaking of the prophet Eli:

  1. a) The particular ministry of the Prophet Eli was authentic;
  2. b) Recognize others who have faithfully served God;
  3. c) Recognize the sovereignty of God.

Our balance of life also passes through these three truths. To live well will, therefore, consist of effectively observing them.

Jesus said: “Luke 4:35”

Shut up and get out…

Here is a word of authority, the secret of authority that accompanied the Lord in his ministry, is the product of his obedience. More than once He asserts that He had our Heavenly Father as his model. Contrary to the Pharisees and the scribes, who made REFERENCE to the authority of the law, to support their assertion, the Lord made USE OF THE AUTHORITY OF GOD. Christianity being a RELATION, not a RELIGION, we are called to do as Christ with whom we are in a loving relationship.

Jesus said, “Luke 4:43”

I also need to announce… the good news… to other Cities…

Here is a word of vital urgency, to announce the good news to the lost of our days. Doing the will of the Heavenly Father was the highest priority of the Lord. We too are called to do the same. Like the Lord, our effectiveness rests on the one commitment to do the will of God, which is the proclamation of the good news (2Pi.3.9, Matt.28.19). For the Lord, this was a personal obligation. The proclamation of the Good News remains a priority and timeliness in the heart of God, and it must also be so for the true disciples, who keep the commandments of the Lord.

Jesus said, “Luke 5:4”

Put out into deep water…

Here is an injunction from the Lord, every word that comes out of the Lord’s mouth is useful to man. For it is written: …man will not live by bread alone… (Luke 4:4). The greatest sin that man can commit is the fact of not believing in what God says. Failing to trust in God caused the fall of all humanity into death and separation from God. Made like Peter, after working all night, he chooses to obey.

Only obedience to the word of God will stop the succession of failed nights in our lives. So let us act on the word of God.

Jesus said, “Luke 5:13”

I want it…

Here is a word of certainty, we have a duty when we approach the Lord in prayer for our needs. The duty is to conform to our request to his will. The Lord acceded to the request of the leper without objection. For two reasons: the faith that led to the action (Request for Healing). And the conformity of the request to the will of God (Jn 10:10). We must learn to be sincere in our moments of prayer. To know how to tell God our true needs. Because he is our shepherd (Ps.23) who does not leave us lacking in something.

Jesus said, “Luke 5:14”

Go and show yourself to the priest

Here is a word confirming the divinity of the Lord (1). Science, which is here represented by the role that the Priest was called to play. That scrutinizing sickness is not contradicted faith. But science works at the service of faith, to demonstrate its effectiveness and veracity. That erroneous statements by Godless scientists against the truthfulness of the faith are being undermined every day by the unchanged character of the Word of God. Especially in the theory of evolution…

Christ did not come to abolish the law which gives priests the priesthood of the confirmation of healing. But rather come for the perfect fulfillment of this law.

Jesus said, “Luke 5:20”

Man, your sins are forgiven

Here is a word confirming the divinity of the Lord (2). That is easier to believe when things are of clear evidence. But the divinity is not only appreciated within the limits of the law which finds a divine on a sick skin, but it must also be recognized by a demonstration and a recognition that the only trust in God (faith) produces in a heart where it is present. For to act Christ saw their FAITH… (Seeing their faith…).

We must learn to advance with God, only. Because our faith in God, allows us to make updates of our knowledge of God. For we may have known him yesterday, as the God froze in the Temple. In the law of Moses, who is the only one to forgive sins. And to reject him in his new way of proceeding, where he acts as EMMANUEL, God among humans.

Jesus said: “Luke 5:31-32”

It is the sick who need the doctor

Here is a word of precision. If already the Lord who lives outside our situations, and problems… takes the trouble to know him precisely. We must do the same to benefit from his intervention when we have to present our requests to him. A precise answer allowed Jacob to enter into his destiny (Gse.32.27-28).

Precision consists of the recognition of our situations, problems, diseases, and faults in their proper value. And not being complacent with oneself. Here is the question of reflection: WHO ARE YOU?

Jesus said: “Luke 5:33-35”

The friends of the bridegroom

Here is a word of prestige. The Lord speaks as a true leader, who knows how to give value to those who believe in him. The Lord speaks of His disciples as friends, not as subordinates. Good leadership is the one who raises others in public. This word evokes both the privilege of having Jesus Christ as Master. Who functions with love and compassion. Rather than with a sense of duty that puts more emphasis on legal obligations. While forgetting the healthy joys of life.

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