Jesus to says Matthew

Jesus said: «Matt.3.15»

We were doing everything right… Here is a challenging word, the Lord at the very beginning of his ministry draws attention to JUSTICE, in its true nature. He permits and encourages John the Baptist to carry out his ministry (baptize) towards him, He the Creator. Equity is the very nature of God’s justice, that justice which does not work for EQUALITY, but rather for IMPARTIALITY. This therefore in the name of FAIRNESS that God reserves the eternity of Peace to those who will place their faith in Christ, and that unfortunately, and despite God, Hell will welcome those who choose other people, path, and life than JESUS CHRIST (Jesus Christ is the Way, the Truth and the Life… John 14:6).

Jesus said: «Matt.4.4»

Man will not live on bread alone… This is a sure word, the body is nourished by all the produce of the earth, and the spirit of man is nourished by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God. True stability in life is produced by the awareness of the value of the WORD of GOD and of its knowledge that comes to us from its practical application in our daily life. In the face of existential questions, our response place must be the expression of our trust (FAITH) in God, who is the source of our stability and security (Every Day His Sorrow Matt.

Jesus said: «Matt.4.7»

It is also written Here is a good reaction, the Lord supports his reaction on WHAT IS WRITTEN and not on what he thinks or feels, or on his imagination. We must know that our feelings, thoughts, imaginations and things of this kind, do not operate in the realm of the spiritual, for they influence neither God nor even less the Devil; the only thing that is OPERATIVE in the realm of the spirit is the WORD of God, for it engages God directly and personally (The WORD of God is an effective weapon in Spiritual Warfare Eph 6:17). And the WORD OF GOD puts the Devil in his place. Let us know and smooth this WORD.

Jesus said: «Matt.4.10»

Withdraw yourself Satan Here is order, the force of the order that the Lord intimate to Satan, is based on his knowledge of the scriptures. The Lord parallels the taking of authority over the Devil and the worshipping life.

Here is the truth:

  1. a) No one can exercise authority over the Devil, only the One whose way of life and style is worth a perfume of good smell to the Lord;
  2. b) Worship is not limited to songs called hymns of worship of God during worship, but rather is a way of life (Jonah 1:9 NIV).

Jesus said: «Matt.4.10c»

You will serve him alone This is the purpose of our earthly existence, God has designed a plan concerning His good pleasure in your life and my life (Jer 29:11). It is for this reason that everyone who commits suicide sins because he puts himself out of the plan of God who is the only master of our breath (Ps 139:13-18). Before being a matter of PLEASURE life is, first of all, a matter of RESPONSIBILITY before God. For we are called to serve God on Earth.

Jesus said: «Matt.4.17»

Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand Here is an order to obey to access eternal life, repentance consists of the two elements which are:

  1. a) Become aware of his state of loss because of SIN and sincerely regretted his sinful nature;
  2. b) Make the firm decision not to return to this life of SIN, and offer himself as a slave to the Lord who saves from eternal death.

The Lord does not speak of penance but repentance the difference between the two, is at the level of the process penitent purges his punishment by his force, and a repentant humbles himself at the feet of one who can erase and remove his faults (This is the lamb of God who takes away the SIN of the world John 1:29).

Jesus said: «Matt.4.18»

Follow me and I will make you Here is an invitation from the Lord for our eternal happiness, by this word, the Lord makes the general summary of man’s life on earth, from the very first man Adam in the garden to the very last who was born. In this invitation, the Lord offers man the possibility of rediscovering COMMUNION with God (Follow me…), because it is the first thing lost by the man in the Garden of Eden, then he offers the man his EXPERTISE (I will make you…) to regain the position of intimacy with God, for the nature of sin inherited from Adam prevents us from taking initiatives for our salvation. And the Lord wants to help you, and he is waiting to see your answer (Rev 3:20) and even intercedes for you (Heb 7:25) so that you may choose well.

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