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Jesus said

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Jesus Said: “Matt.3.15”

… We thus accomplished all that is right… Here is a word of inquiry, the Lord at the very beginning of his ministry draws attention to JUSTICE, in its true nature. He allows and encourages John the Baptist to carry out his ministry (baptize) for him, the Creator. Equity is the very nature of God’s justice, that justice which does not work for EQUALITY, but rather for IMPARTIALITY. So in the name of EQUITY God reserves the eternity of Peace to those who will place their faith in Christ, and that, unfortunately, and despite God, hell will welcome those who choose another person, path, and life than JESUS CHRIST (Jesus Christ is the Way, the Truth and the Life… John 14:6).

Jesus Said: “Matt.4.4”

Man will not live on bread alone… Here is a sure word, the body is nourished by every product of the earth, and the spirit of man is nourished by every word that comes out of the mouth of God. True stability in life is produced by the awareness of the value of the WORD of GOD and its knowledge that comes to us from putting it into practice in our daily life. In the face of existential questions, our answer must be the expression of our trust (FAITH) in God, which is the source of our stability and security (Every Day is His Sorrow Matt.6.34c).

Jesus Said: “Matt.4.7”

It is also written… Here is a good reaction, the Lord bases his reaction on WHAT IS WRITTEN and not on what he thinks or feels, or on his imagination. We must know that our feelings, thoughts, imaginations and other things of this kind do not operate in the realm of the spiritual, for they influence neither God nor the Devil; the only thing that is OPERATIONAL in the realm of the spiritual is the WORD of God, for it engages God directly and personally (The WORD of God is an effective weapon in Spiritual Warfare Eph.6.17). And the WORD OF GOD puts the Devil in his place. Let us know and smooth this WORD.

Jesus Said: “Matt.4.10”

Withdraw, Satan… Here is order the force of order which the intimate Lord to Satan is based on his knowledge of the scriptures. The Lord parallels the taking of authority over the Devil and the life of worship.

Here is the truth:

  1. a) No one can exercise authority over the Devil, except Him whose manner and lifestyle are worth a perfume of good smell to the Lord;
  2. b) Worship is not limited to the time of the hymn of worship to God during worship, but rather is a way of life (Jonah 1.9 NIV).

Jesus said, “Matt.4.10c”

You will serve him alone… This is the purpose of our earthly existence; God has devised a plan for your life and my life that is in keeping with His good pleasure (Jer 29:11). It is for this reason that everyone who commits suicide commits sin because he puts himself out of the plan of God who is the only master of our breath (Ps 139:13-18). Before being a matter of PLEASURE, life is first and foremost a matter of RESPONSIBILITY before God. For we are called to serve God on Earth.

Jesus Said: “Matt.4.17”

Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is near… Here is an order to obey in order to attain eternal life; repentance consists of the two elements which are:

  1. a) Become aware of his state of loss because of SIN and sincerely regretted his sinful nature;
  2. b) Take the firm decision not to return to this life of SIN, and offer oneself as a slave to the Lord who saves from eternal death.

The Lord does not speak of penance but of repentance the difference between the two, is at the level of the process a penitent serves his sentence by his strength, and a repentant humbles himself at the feet of one who can erase and remove his faults (Behold, the lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world John 1:29).

Jesus Said: “Matt.4.18”

Follow me and I will make you… Here is an invitation from the Lord for our eternal happiness by this word, the Lord makes the general summary of the life of man on earth, from the very first man Adam to the garden to the very last that will be born in the last place. In this invitation, the Lord offers man the possibility of rediscovering COMMUNION with God (Follow me…), because it is the first thing that man loses in the Garden of Eden, and then he offers the man his EXPERTISE (I will make you…) to regain the position of intimacy with God, for the nature of the sin inherited from Adam totally prevents us from taking initiatives for our salvation. And the Lord wants to help you, and he is waiting to see your answer (Rev.3.20) and even intercedes for you (Heb.7.25) so that you may choose well.

Jesus Said: “Matt.5.3”

Blessed are the poor in spirit… Here is a word of contradiction, to be happy in poverty, by this word the Lord instructs us on the only effective way to go through a pleasant state in life: we should be aware of it. Anyone who knows what situation he is in will know how to explain his problem in order to find the solution that is the very reason why the Lord declares him to be happy. Ignorance of your problem will always take you away from the solution.

Jesus Said: “Matt.5.4”

Blessed are the afflicted, for they shall be comforted … Here is a sure word, the Lord has a special thought for all his children who are facing grief, deep dejection, misfortunes, and catastrophes. The thought of the Lord is that of deliverance, like that of the children of Israel in Egypt.

Let’s hold on to the Father’s rescue.

Jesus Said: “Matt.5.5”

Blessed are humble… Here is a well-weighed word, a humble man is not one whose personality is erased, and who denies any possibility of expressing his opinions and defending his rights. In biblical thought, the humble man is anyone who modestly recognizes his identity, abilities, and weaknesses.

The proud are those who believe they are what they are not and may never be able to become.

Jesus Said: “Matt.5.6”

Blessed are those who are hungry and thirsty… Here is a word of contradiction, HUNGER and THIRST, a pictorial language to describe the force that determines every person determined to live according to God’s thought, and to see the satisfactory fulfillment of God’s righteousness among men. These two words are manifested by the strength to take what is outside (water and food) to put it in us, in order to live well.

Jesus Said: “Matt.5.7”

Blessed are the merciful… Here is a special word, to have a sensitive and compassionate heart in the face of the misery of others; this is the specialty of BIBLICAL CHRISTIANITY.

Do you have that heart?

Jesus Said: “Matt.5.8”

Blessed are those who have a pure heart… Here is an effective word; with this word the Lord sets the condition of seeing God. To be sincere and upright is the condition for seeing God, in the presence of whom no dishonest or trickster will have access.

Jesus Said: “Matt.5.9”

Blessed are those who bring peace… Here is a word of a promise of pride, by this word the Lord recognizes, confirms, and assures that the need for belonging to God, who clothes the human heart, will one day be fulfilled. But for this, we must now work to spread the only message of peace which is the Gospel.

Jesus Said: “Matt.5.10”

Blessed are those who are persecuted for justice… Here is a word of contradiction; we are called as Christians to do what God expects us to do, that is, to live piously in Christ (2Tim.3.12). The Christian faith will not align with the definition of justice according to the world veiled the knot of contradiction.

Jesus Said: “Matt 5:11-12”

Will you be happy when you are insulted… Here is a warning word about a less enthusiastic future, in its sincerity; the Lord has hidden nothing from us in terms of the things that await us in our walk of faith in his person. Let us be prepared for the worst, for eternal life is a pearl of great value and this is our reward.

Jesus Said: “Matt 5:13-16”

You are the salt… you are the light of the earth… Here is a word to be meditated on, through them, the Lord reveals to us by two strong images that we are Christians. Salt gives taste to food, and gives taste to the lives of others. Salt preserves true values… And light makes it possible to see everything in its true nature, shape, color, and destination.

Jesus Said: “Matt 5:17-20”

The whole plan of God will come true… Here is a word of confirmation, God’s plan, which is the reflection of his authority, faithfulness, and love, will be fulfilled as God intended. Thus, neither the change of time or circumstance nor the intervention of the human will or its inability to obey will hinder its fulfillment. Only let us pray to receive strength in order to live with a justice greater than that of the interpreters of the law.

Jesus Said: “Matt 5:21-22”

You waited until… But I’m telling you— here is a word of change of mentality, by these words the Master, make a revolution of the thought of his audience in view of making him worthy of the kingdom of Heaven. We are Christians and this must be reflected in our approach to daily life. We must know that the Lord judges the thoughts of the heart, which are actions not yet externalized by deeds.

Jesus Said: “Matt 5:23-24”

So if you present your offering… Here is a serious word about your devotion, by this word the Lord Jesus Christ raises the equivocation about the state of the heart that wants to be worshipped but is not in a state. A resentful, hateful, offended or offended heart cannot worship, for faith is operational only in a heart where love reigns as the one atmosphere.

Jesus Said: “Matt 5:25-26”

Be quick with your opponent… Here is a practical, direct, and very effective wisdom, the only way to fight effectively with one’s adversary, is to find common ground, and this without the intervention of a third party, which often causes complications and hardening of the situation. Every opponent is initially a partner in a case.

Jesus Said: “Matt 6:19-20”

Do not accumulate wealth in this world… Rather, do you accumulate treasures in heaven… Here is a word of correction, by this word; the Lord reorients our conception of work. No work for work. He who works to become rich on earth, he works for his eternal poverty, but all whose work is advanced, here on earth the kingdom of God, will reap a hundredfold in heaven while having, and being in the eternal presence of God. Let us work yes, but for and with God.

Jesus Said: “Matt.6.21”

For where your treasure is, there too will be your heart… Here is a truth of nature to refocus a whole life; the order of things in the word of the Lord is the keystone to reframe your life, and your walk, you who are lost in the search for the treasure.

Your heart is quoted after the treasure as if to inform you that your heart is not capable of conceiving and defining your true treasure, but rather is capable of recognizing and being attracted by this true treasure which is God. The day you discover GOD, EVERYTHING WILL CHANGE IN YOUR LIFE.

Please God, let this day be today.

Jesus Said: “Matt 6:22-23”

The eyes are like a lamp for the body… Here is compelling information, our eyes are very important for the sole reason that they are one of the windows of our soul. The inner light, a pictorial language to speak of the thoughts of the human heart. Thought is always at the base of actions and actions make new thoughts germinate, influence, and strengthened.

Our inner light becomes darkness when our thought is corrupted and defiled by bad desires and bad words.

Jesus Said: “Matt.6.24”

No one can serve two masters… Here is a word that excludes all complacency, the Lord Jesus Christ wants to have to do with men and women who are determined, and whose heart is entirely subject to him. A firm decision, allows the Lord to help us in our walk with Him.

Let us be courageous for the Lord in our march.

Jesus Said: “Matt 6:25-29”

Don’t you worry about… Here is a word of readjustment, by these words the Lord of Glory Jesus Christ makes a call to order about our approach to the realities of everyday life. Our gaze on existential questions must proceed on our Identity, Position, and Trust in God, who is our PERE and KING. In the Garden of Eden, the temptation of the devil was based on a proposal open to questions of existence (You will not die… Gen.3.5). Intelligence is defined as the ability of a human being to adapt to a situation…

Jesus Said: “Matt.6.30-34”

Seek first the kingdom and righteousness of God…Here is a word of realignment and prioritization, Here the Lord Jesus Christ speaks in REALISTIC mode. The realism of the Lord brings us right back to our real priority: the Kingdom and the Justice of God. This is God’s concern for all mankind (God wants us to be born again/see John 3:5-7, and to experience deliverance from our burdens, and healing). The Lord gives us the key to FILL the greatest concern of GOD’s heart; it is to develop the FATHER/SON RELATIONSHIP with God. The Lord says YOUR HEAVENLY FATHER KNOWS.

My relationship with God, your relationship with God is the only way that allows us to live on earth in the realization of the Kingdom and the Justice of God. All that concerns God for you and me, which of seeing us consider him as our Father and maintain the FATHER/SON relationship with him. The Son knows the will of the Father. Only those who are in true communion with the Father will be able to PRIORITIZE the need for God without neglecting the other needs related to our daily life.

Jesus Said: “Matt.7. 1-6”

Do not judge, lest you be judged… Here is a word that invites us to prudence and honesty. By these words, the Lord Jesus Christ reminds us of a series of important truths in life. First, the Lord teaches us to know how to take a step back and reserve ourselves for the business of others. The Lord, therefore, invites us to self-mastery. Second, the Lord reminds us that all effective action in the life of another is that which begins within ourselves. Very often, our problems are hidden by our subjectivity, to the point that we do not realize their seriousness. And very, unfortunately, we rush to the problems of others, thinking we can remedy them effectively. And finally, the Lord, warns us of hypocrisy. We act like hypocrites, whenever we stifle the awareness of our situation vis-à-vis the other. This is therefore the reason why we sometimes confuse things, to the point of throwing the pearls at the pigs. Effectiveness in the Christian walk depends more on our sincerity than on our knowledge and skills.

Jesus Said: “Matt.7. 7-10”

Ask, Seek, and Knock… Here is a word that invites us to multidimensional action. The Lord invites us to be active, as he himself is active. Indeed, Heb.7.25 tells us that the Lord is interceding for us. Indeed, these three types of actions establish the balance of the Christian. Furthermore, these verbs emphasize our direct relationship with God. Indeed, the first verb instructs us on our quality as children of God. Therefore, we have the right, and the duty, to express our desires to our Heavenly Father. Because our God and Father is the only one who actually comes to our aid. Not asking is a proud attitude. By the second verb, the Lord instructs us on our responsibility. Indeed, we must show our trust in God, by putting ourselves in search of those things that he claims to have prepared everything for us. This is why, he can conclude, that when we really seek, we end up finding. Because effectively, the Father who is good at, cannot give us bad things. Indeed, his word is always true, in all circumstances. And finally, the third verb, the Master, instructs us on our attitude. As children of God, we must show some aggression in the face of the realities of life.

Jesus Said: “Matt.7.12”

Anything you want… Here’s a great word. With this word, the Lord lays the foundation for the lifestyle of all Christians. It is only through love that anything becomes possible. Do to others what you wish for yourself. This word from the Lord explains to us in a practical way the great power hidden in love. Indeed, love is the engine of all the revelation of God (The law and the prophets), because it is out of love that God revealed himself to us. By this word, the Lord certifies to us that the unit of measure for actions in the Christian life is beautiful and indeed love. For we are called to put love into action. This therefore our own person, which serves as a reference. That is to say, as much as we take care of ourselves, we must do it for other people. This is a good exercise. Because we are placed under observation on our own love, and at the same time, our way of expressing love to the other, is also put to the test.

Jesus Said: “Matt.7.13-14”

Entering through the narrow door… Here is a word, an extraordinary invitation. She is extraordinary because she presents the truth to the guests. The gospel of Christ is good news. Thus, in his nature of truthfulness, the Lord takes care to present all the terms of the walk with Him. The narrow gate is the image that explains the specific character of walking with God. On the other hand, the wide door is relative to this lifestyle inspired by the insatiable nature of man.

Walking with Christ opens us to the nature of God. So, if our spirit is not touched by the WORD of GOD, we will find it difficult to pursue the path of the narrow gate.

Jesus Said: “Matt.7.15”

Beware of… Here’s a word of warning. By this word, the Lord reminds us that falsehood reaches us when we do not take our responsibilities. Our main responsibility is to maintain our relationship with God. Further, this relationship is built through Prayer and Meditation on the Word. It is the effective means chosen by God so that we can allow ourselves to recognize the fakes. Indeed, the false can cover themselves with beautiful appearances, but only that their lifestyle is contrary to the truth (THE WORD of GOD).

Jesus Said: “Matt.7.16”

You will recognize it… Here is an affirmative word. The Lord lays the foundation and the certification consistent with the truth that there is a time for everything. When we manage to recognize the false, it means that the reign of the false has come to an end. The only effective means is constituted by the style of life, which is built around the Word and Prayer.

Jesus Said: “Matt.7.18-20”

A good tree… Here is a word, a real observation. To speak of man, very often the Bible takes the comparative image of a tree. This is due to several reasons. And the main reason is the fact that both man and tree bear fruit. The fruit is nothing but the result of the constancy of everyday life. This is why it is impossible for a tree or a man whose daily life is of poor quality, those good results come from it. As much as the poor quality of daily life produces a poor result; as much this bad result attracts death.

Jesus Said: “Matt.7.21-23”

Those who tell me… Here is a word that opens the doors of eternity. With these words, the Lord makes us understand that the thing that has more value is what God says about the way we live. The Lord indirectly denounces activism. In a direct way, the Lord condemns the fact that men constantly have his name in their mouths. Activism is walking and serving God, but not living for God. For indeed, to live for God is to be subject to the authority of the word of God.

Jesus Said: “Matt.7.24-27”

Whoever hears and does… Here is a word, a counsel from the Lord. The measure the Lord uses to benefit from the power of his WORD is EVERYONE. An indefinite personal pronoun. The Lord does not discriminate. The proof is given to us by the circumstances of the conversion of Cornelius the Roman officer (See Acts 10). The application of the word of God is of double benefit for Christians. First, it demonstrates our commitment and trust in God. And second, when we practice the word of the Lord, we are blessed. That is to say, our whole existence will reflect the glory of God.

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